Rob van den Broek

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A little bit about myself...

My name is Rob van den Broek and I was born Mai 3rd 1979 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
A few years back I started my own business painting houses. Eventually, I did not only use the paint brush to paint houses, but I realized my passion to create art on canvas.
To me painting is a great feeling of freedom. Everything is possible with color!
I discovered that painting enables me to express the dephts of my feelings. It is a way to share my soul with other people inspired by art.
My wife and I moved to Germany and we now live in the beautiful Moselvalley, surrounded by nature and a great feeling of space and freedom. This place inspires me to create art in my day to day life.
I enjoy using a variety of different materials in my work, and I love to use new techniques to expand my horizon. Innovation is the key to interesting art. In my world painting is a never ending journey of colors, fun materials and new ideas.

With kind regards
 Rob van den Broek
 Sankt Aldegund

Portrait Rob van den Broek